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About Us
Zach + Tori


Our names are Zach and Tori, a husband and wife team. We both grew up in the Metro Detroit area, but made the move to Bellaire in 2019. Since then, we've built a life together in the most beautiful place on Earth. We live where most people vacation, and are truly blessed in that sense.

Our two biggest shared interests are nature and art. Torch Lake Concepts is truly our way of sharing those passions with all of you. 

Zach started this company in 2019 when we made the big leap. He started out of Tori's parents side garage, putting every ounce of free time and passion into his woodworking pieces, focusing on live edge and resin pieces, as well as casting natural resources into resin to truly capture the feel of Torch Lake's ocean-like blue water. Zach's custom pieces range from coasters to large kitchen islands.

Tori has a well diversed background in art, and leans toward painting and sculpting. However, her Torch Lake Concepts specialty is in small woodworking and resin projects, with a focus in floral preservation.

walnut bedframe.jpg



Walnut Bar Top with Blue Resin



The Kids!

Bonnie And Clyde

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